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Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:14 am  Reply with quote

How do we love one another?
I was just on a thread of one of ours requesting prayer for her sister and her family.
I saw over 500 views !!!!!
And only two replies.... sad huh?
People, this is just the normal in our churches. Our Churches fail at teaching people how to be Christians. Jesus said, " they will know you are christians by your love for one another".
Now in this case we have someone hurting and asking for prayer. Did over 500 people pray after they viewed. Well if you did not , then that is a good indication that you are one of the MANY..... who will not enter the kingdom of God.
If you have taken the time to view her request, take a minute to send her a small note saying so. A simple " Im praying" would be very encouraging to her don't you think.

Having over 500 people say it, sacrafice thier two minutes to say it, would show her love beyond knowing, it would ecourage her in her faith. Above all she would feel loved by those calling themselves Chrsitians. Right?

So now you all know. Learn to love each other, learn to sacrafice your time, your life for others. Because this is what is required of you by Jesus.
This is a big step in maturing in Christ Jesus.
bro Jim
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Joined: 09 Feb 2005
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Mon Dec 10, 2012 4:20 am  Reply with quote

yeah that. And then when we get mature enough to take a second to build up someone with a line of text, we might even discern needs among us and step out to help those people in very tangible ways.

I've noticed a very sad trend in the US since my youth. My folks actually knew a day when people were even more likely to reach out. The depression era crowd. There were still lots of them active when I was a kid and it was just a whole different thing. More people were going to see people who were sick or in nursing homes or whatever. Youth were encouraged to be involved in this and there was a lot of 'cross talk' since after all there is no AGE in Christ.

Age is one thing this generation has been conditioned to discriminate on the basis of very much. Older people are 'creepy' it seems.

I recall in College around1980 that I really began to notice something happening in the fellowship I grew up in. I was challenged to fill a void. Kids handing in cards who were interested in coming to Christ and nobody wanted to go visit them! Nobody would lead anything. Initiate. NEW PEOPLE would come to the fellowship and..NOBODY WOULD GREET THEM and take time to get to KNOW the people!

The depression crowd was beginning to go into a shell it seemed. Maybe the 60's and 70's were too much for them. They'd...seen a lot. lol

The social security program etc. I believe had really undercut a lot of the function of the Church. The real CHurch is supposed to be reaching out to people. Encouraging those who are down. Discerning needs and feeding/clothing/taking in those who are needy in truth and who aren't using that to destroy themselves and others.

But now..the GOVERNMENT would take care of it? And people gradually forgot how to be his hands and feet to administer his love. As a humanistic government began to get the glory.

Anyway yeah I think real Christians can START by treating one another like brothers/sisters. The treatment I get from a lot of people is disgraceful who claim to be Christians. Right now I'm at a dear families in Portland, OR. There are people all over the US that I'm welcome to stay with and..many in Europe even. It's TERRIBLE having me as a house guest. I wind up fixing everything electronic or mechanical usually that seems important before I leave. lol.

The blessings people miss because they pre-judge others. Because they believe the worst instead of the best.

Love believes all things, hopes all things etc. A real Christian doesn't pre-abort relationships. They hope for the best with every person they meet. They don't necessarily just throw open their life. THEY TEST the spirits but..they're pro-active about that. They get it done instead of pushing people away and thinking somehow it'll get done that way.

People are conditioned to live in fear. But perfect love casts out all fear! HOW MUCH?


If someone is fear motivated then the spirit has no part in it. They need to find his discernment so they can do the things he commands. And in that way they can again become vessels of sharing his love.

Most people I meet on these sites from the Female population at least have no interest in meeting me. They 'pre-abort' any relationship possibility without even remotely starting to get to know me. Yet... statistically MOST of them will wind up even marrying some person who will lead them to a shipwrecked relationship.

Why? It's the same phenomena we saw in the 80's. There was virtually nobody to help me greet the new people who'd show up. Nobody cared. They were all consumed with their own little stuff.

THE HOT NEWS FLASH is...you can't have a Godly relationship without God. Without him motivating your life. Where are our priorities? Reaching out to widows and orphans?


If not then our 'religion' is worthless. And we can expect to be deceived into marrying someone who is deceiving themselves and others. We need the vision God's spirit brings us. But that only comes in dying to our own agendas. Losing the fear. Trusting him. Opening ourselves up to being a vessel of his love to the dying world around us. isntead of just another self-consumed person that posts new fashion pics of themself every day on facebook or whatever.

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Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:29 pm  Reply with quote

Re: How do we love one another?
jim4jzs, I was surprised when I saw a different woman asking for prayer a couple weeks ago, and she didn't receive much response either. But I do know that people outside of this site can see the forums, so even if it was viewed many times, that doesn't necessarily mean it was viewed by many on this site. Not sure on that, but just thinking so. At any rate, I think it's good to encourage each other to love, but sometimes I get so frustrated at the lack of love I think I see, that I catch myself saying things that make others feel bad about themselves & make me look prideful. So we must be careful of that. Our righteousness is like filthy rags. We all just need to encourage each other to be a light of love in this darkened world. Smile
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