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Joined: 25 Aug 2012
Posts: 82

Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:08 am  Reply with quote

I feel closer to God while sleeping. You too?
I feel closest to God, while I am sleeping. Last night, I was having anxiety about my present, such as currently being underemployed, and I often feel unattractive to women, because I have less money than I use to, I'm older, and if I don't get my employment situation changed soon, then I worry about my future. When I was having anxiety while sleeping, I prayed to God to help relieve my anxiety, so I could get some sleep. I then felt my tense, anxious blood pressure change to a more relaxed blood pressure. I was more relaxed and a deeper sleep came easier, and in the morning, I wanted to sleep-in, because my quality sleep came back, but I had to get-up to go to work. I try managing my stress and anxiety through natural means, which is mostly exercise. Has anyone else experienced feeling closer to God while sleeping? Does this have something to do with the sub-conscious mind's brain activity while sleeping? It is also easier for me to sing songs in my sleep or simpler prayers, such as Gospel songs, instead of a structured, written, organized prayer.
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Joined: 21 Sep 2012
Posts: 13

Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:25 am  Reply with quote

My family friend said to me to pray and praise simple things to God until I fall asleep.. At that time I was young and couldn't fall asleep at her place.. When I did do what she said it helped me.. I woked up in a freshing spirit.. Isn't it great Smile to have that peace and comfort that he gives us when we just need it.. The key for me is to know and have the peace and comfort that God has my back my life choices.. It puts me at ease to know that.. As for the Job it shows dedication that you keep moving forward with a less paying job.. Which its hard to stay at peace with a low income.. But for anyone to stay focus with God and have patience with his plan.. Shows character Smile
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Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:19 pm  Reply with quote

That's interesting, think. I don't feel anything while sleeping......that would be a good feeling to have though.....sleep would be extremely peaceful, I would think.
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Joined: 03 Dec 2012
Posts: 67

Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:06 am  Reply with quote

You get away with just high blood pressure? :l WHen I get anxiety attacks, I feel like I'm having a heart attack, get light headed, shortness of breath, all the fun stuff. And it's exciting when it happens while I'm driving (sarcasm) lol.

Confiding in God is always a plus. I do find relief in stress related matters by turning to God. Truth be told, we also do have to do our part. Exercise is a good route, eat proper, drink proper (enough water), mind over matter and simply go hard.

Exercise - Do something that challenges you physically, typically if you do something intense, you are fully engaged while doing so. This helps to free your mind. Example. I play competition basketball. When I'm playing, I'm 100% focused on winning. Losing = having to wait 2-3 games just to get into a new game, losing is not fun. So this warrants that I'm playing my hardest and focused on doing what I need to do to ensure my team wins. Find something similar and go hard. Freeing your mind from stress causing factors while you are engaged in an activity is very helpful.

Eat proper - food has a huge impact on how your body will react to everything (nutrients, minerals, etc) you're better off google-ing this stuff to get a more precise answer.

Drink proper - drinking sodas all the time, no bueno. Many people don't even drink the proper/recommended amount of water per day.

Mind of matter - After going to the doctor when I thought I was having a heart attack lol, I learned it was extreme case of anxiety. Now when these attacks come on, although scary, I learned to focus off the chest pains or any other symptoms I may be having and focus on whatever I'm doing. EX: few days ago I was having heart palpitations (I think that's what it's called) and felt kinda light headed, all while driving, instead of freaking out, I started doing stuff in my car to get into focus, all while focusing on the road, etc etc. Basically to occupy my mind to stop thinking about how I was feeling. Try this with pain, people who cry and whine about pain, will feel every bit of it, but if they actually focused off the pain, they'd be surprised how much they can endure. Mind over matter.

Simply go hard - if your anxious about work/finances, do what you gotta do to fix the situation. Many people will whine about a situation but do close to nothing to change it. Of course pray about it, but again, we have to do our part, don't think that praying about it will instantly put more money in your pocket.
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Joined: 21 Sep 2012
Posts: 13

Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:50 pm  Reply with quote

Wow.. we are on the same page.. I am going to my second nutrition diet counsler on tuesday.. I have a menbership at the ymca.. I also got tips about correct posture on using the cardio machines.. Exercises too.. She wrote down tips on paper for me.. I remember when at times I was not in the mood or just an off morning.. I pushed myself to go to the gym.. When I used the trademill.. I would push myself to go up a speed.. So when I doing good at the speed I would go up .2 more.. last time when I ended I was at 3.6 Smile I use to not like to sweat but when I finally realized that everyone in the room is working double then me to sweat.. I felt like I am a natural and put a smile on my face Smile.. Oh yeah when I get done I am in a way better mood.. Smile I love listening to my music while I move.. Smile

I also work on my mental well being.. With God and myself.. like my character and my emotions.. I work on the christian based 12 steps and I join the prayer meeting on weds nights.. Our church has a weds. night dinner every weds. night with small groups of all ages.. In sunday church we are studying 1 Peter.. I highlight alot.. Its a rainbow when I get done Razz umm oh I am apart of a missionary ministry
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